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Jay D's Satellite was started in 1983 as a sideline business to supplement Jay D's farming and ranching operation. At the time, very few "Big Dish" satellite systems could be found in Morton County as the industry was just beginning to open up for the residential market . "The first satellite system I installed", says Jay D, "required going outside and moving the dish with a hand crank from one orbiting satellite to another, just to change channels from CNN to the Weather Channel." Very primitive indeed compared to what Jay D and Lori Coen can offer customers today, providing service from both DISH Network and DirecTV. With today's technology not only is every channel digital but most are broadcast in HD, and the DVR technology has revolutionized the way we watch TV. "The technology has continued to improve throughout the years" says Jay D. "however providing service in the early years to customers who couldn't receive even three channels clearly, was reward in itself for our effort."
Jay D's Satellite services a huge area in four states from Greensburg, Kansas to Lamar, Colorado as well as Woodward, OK, including cities in the Texas Panhandle, to Garden City KS and most points in between. They have technicians who live in Garden City, Liberal, Guymon and Elkhart. "We have built our business on customer service" says Jay D. "We realize folks can get service many places, but our customers know who will answer the phone when they call us, and throughout the years we have had opportunity to bring cutting edge technology into the homes of our friends and neighbors in a way that the Super Stores won't.
"I can remember all those years ago", says Jay D smiling, " my father telling me not to quit my day job because pretty soon everyone would have a satellite system and I'd run out of anything to do. " As of yet, 34 years later, there are still people contacting Jay D's Satellite every day for information about the service they provide and, says Jay D, " We look forward to continuing to serve the area, and be a leader in providing access to the best in entertainment."
Drop past their office at #1 North Street in Elkhart, or text/call them at 620-360-0520 and get your installation scheduled today.


Jay D's Satellite was in business providing Satellite TV before DISH or DIRECTV were around. We started with the BIG C-band system that was between 8 feet and 12 feet in diameter. Great strides have been made in technology since those days and now we have gone from analog signal for the C-band system to Digital signal in the 1990's to HD in the early days of this century to 4K signal quality today. Give us a call to find out more about the exciting world of satellite tv and let us make your viewing experience the best it can be. JAYD'S SATELLITE... BRINGING THE FUTURE INTO YOUR HOME~
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